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Muhurtaz Academy presents 3 Days Special Event Foundation Program specially designed for beginners who want to choose a creative industry like Event planning & Management for themselves but have no idea how, to begin with. The discussion-based sessions will help you to learn & explore more about the events industry and solve your problems, confusion & doubts also. This  Program will help you understand & enhance your knowledge from the fundamentals and methods to advance tips and tricks.

Features & Benefits of the Muhurtaz Program?

Increase Your Basic Business Knowledge & Behavior in this Program.

1. Program Especially designed For Beginners
Many of us are keen to work with our skills & creativity but lack of guidance creates issues in our growth.
Muhurtaz can help you in providing you proper assistance, guidance & support to help you to overcome these problems in your career.

2. Learn from Industry Experts
Muhurtaz has a wide circle of vendors and planners.
Becoming a part of Muhurtaz Family & Learn from industry experts and other professionals will be a great opportunity for you to learn & grow.

3. Advance learning in just 3 Days
In this Program, We have covered almost all the required topics which will give you a better understanding of everything & will help you to excel in your career plans. This Program will make you Confident and help you to begin.

4. Jump Start your Career and Achieve Your Business Goals
Everyone requires a Great Mentor, Trainer, or a Guru who will provide you with all the necessary Guidance from the beginning to the end.
Muhurtaz is here to help you boost your career with our great Programs specially designed for passionate learners like you.

5. Enhance Your Communication Skills
Communication creates a bridge between you and your clients or vendors. Proper Communication about your services or project can make you win in all phases.
The right kind of communication is the key to success in everything you do. Develop this Skill with Muhurtaz to enhance your career growth.

6. Choose a Dream career for yourself
Event Industry is a Huge industry model. Selecting the right department is always challenging until you start gaining knowledge and information about it. Know about your art, skills, and Identify your strengths to do your best in career and life. Muhurtaz will provide you with Career Guidance & Assistance based on your interests

Introduction to your Mentor!

HELLO, I AM GOURATISH KASHYAP, The CEO & Founder of MUHURTAZ, A Professional Event Planner, Mentor, Career Counsellor, Business Consultant, PR & Event Consultant & Wedding Expert in the Events Industry.

I will be your mentor throughout your journey of becoming an event & wedding planner. I have 9+ years of experience in this field and have mentored nearly 2000+ students & professionals in India. I have also provided my consultation services in events business marketing & promotion to my clients worldwide gaining a lot of industry exposure already.
Now, I only strive to move forward to create a revolution in the Event industry and give more great & creative event & Wedding planners to society.
Looking forward to helping you with all the challenges you are facing in your career or business.

Contact Us Now.
WhatsApp Us – 9911990949

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  1. 5

    This is a good course if you are planning your first event.

  2. 5

    Got to know an insight on event planning, that is amazing!

  3. 5

    Thanks for the great content. The information was quite useful and content was successfully created to focus on key points to create an understanding on event design steps. It is short but effective to get started.

  4. 5

    Great course, very to the point yet in-depth. Gave me all the info I was missing

  5. 5

    The course is well done, you get some practical information and the fundamental steps to start an event. Thank you!

  6. 4

    The class have provided helpful knowledge for a beginner in event planning. Awesome!!

  7. 4

    I really enjoyed the course. The author was concise and all he said was direct to the point. I think I have a better understanding of how to organize my event now. Recommend! Thank you!

  8. 5

    I found the Lecture was informative and gave some of his experiences.

  9. 5

    The course was very interesting, I really benefited from it.

  10. 5

    Very informative. I feel very confident and extra organized. This was a wonderful refresher course! Thank you so much.

  11. 5

    Very good the beginners on planning events and detailed.

  12. 4

    Clear and easy to understand

  13. 5

    Very detailed and informative. The instructor is easy to understand and can communicate effectively.

  14. 5

    I liked that so many components of events planning have been covered.

    Thank you.

  15. 4

    It’s quite helpful to have all of this info presented in such a concise manner, though it is basic.

  16. 5

    I thought the presentation was pretty laid out and flawlessly delivered. It was not boring and I was able to grab a lot vital information from it.

  17. 5

    Course is inspiring and great for beginners indeed. Great for giving people a general idea of what to expect when doing/starting with an event planning.

  18. 4

    I found this to be an extremely helpful and concise crash course.

  19. 5

    Even if you’re not an event planner, I think the information here will be useful for anyone trying to budget or plan anything.

  20. 5

    Great content from an experienced event planner. Very good at giving examples for different situations.

  21. 5

    The course is informative and I at least have the basic knowledge to get things rolling.

  22. 5

    I’m just beginning in the event planning space, hoping to start up my own business in a few months. I’m gaining knowledge already in just the first few slides! I learn more efficiently when it’s quick and simple, I would definitely recommend this course to others!

  23. 5

    It gave me a overview of how the event is prepared and operated.


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