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Muhurtaz Academy Presents

Event Ki Baat!

How To Start Your Career In Event Management

“EVENT KI BAAT” will be a fun live Webinar being conducted by Muhurtaz for everyone from beginners to professionals to experts who either want to start their career but is unsure, confused and doubtful about it due to some reasons & who are not able to grow their business due to many reasons in the EVENT MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY.
Learn from Mr. Gouratish, The CEO & Founder of MUHURTAZ, A Professional Event Planner, an Expert & Mentor, Career Counsellor, PR & Event Consultant & Wedding Expert in the Event Management Industry.
Muhurtaz Academy


This session is going to help you in many ways:

1. To give you a better understanding of the subject and help you identify & work on your weaknesses.

2. To give you a path to boost up your journey with no hassles.

3. To help you to think in a better way about your future goals.

4. To help you to make wise choices and decisions.

5. To help you to overcome the problems that are keeping you stuck.

6. To help you solve your small to big queries with our expert guidance and assistance.


MRP ₹999

Our Talk
Along the way, talk about enhancing and sharpening your planning skills. In this webinar, you’ll learn event management tips, management techniques, marketing plans and how to attract clien


Since the opportunities in event management are growing more day by day.  On the other hand, there is no good source to retain knowledge and learn how to start and build a successful event management business.

The Event Ki Baat webinar shares with you a unique opportunity to learn the tips, tricks & techniques for speeding up every step of the event planning process And how to start a profitable Event Management business with important requirements for building a career in the Event Industry.

live webinar

Topics Covered

Here are some topics we will be covering in our upcoming Webinar:


MRP ₹999


Who all can be a part of this Webinar?


Be a part of this Webinar & know the secret tips and techniques that will help you start your career, grow your business & finally excel in this field.
Webinar is going to be held on 11TH OCT ( SUNDAY) & 25TH OCT ( SUNDAY ).
Let us know all your topics as well.
We will sum up all the related topics and clear all your doubts related to that topic by conducting a particular Webinar for it.
Send in your topics now.
We are here to help you with all of it.


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