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Event & Wedding Planning & Management is the planning, designing, and managing of different small and big types of events like birthday parties, weddings, corporate meetings, etc. Planners in this industry use their skills to plan events based on their client’s instructions. The plan has to be drafted in such a way that we create a plan not just for the event but also for all the contingencies that would come our way. Once a plan has been drafted, the event planners will move forward and create the event.

Good Event Planning & Management skills can make the event process run smoothly and successfully because all the aspects or processes of the event are taken care of from the beginning to the end. These skills are developed from experiences and expertise that come overtime from great mentorship and learning from experts in the industry through practical courses & training.

This industry has a high potential for growth in the coming years & a wide scope of skill learning and development.

Once the client has proposed the event, the planner becomes responsible to understand the client’s requirements to the fullest and create outlines, layouts, checklists, and many other things to plan with full force. From then & there, management of the event begins once the planning is done. The event manager is now responsible to implement the plan with the help of the outline, layouts, and checklists that were made during the planning process keeping in mind the client’s needs of how he/she want the event to be like. The team will then handle all the technical aspects of the event.

They communicate and create the desired team that will be needed to bring the event to life. This includes hiring staff, selecting vendors, ordering equipment, etc. that are needed to make the event a success. Once the event has started, the event manager has to be there to oversee the proper functioning of the event.
They will be supervisors of the staff and will help with any issues that may arise.
So, the role is to ensure that the event is running with full power from the very beginning to the end.

As to succeed in any profession, it is highly recommended to honestly assess what skills you are best at and What will make you unique in that skill.
For that, Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses as this list will guide you a lot later and help you make good choices or decisions that will come your way.

Here are the essential skills Needed for Event Planning Success in this fast-paced industry-

1. Organizational behavior: Proper organization of team and clients, meeting, ideas, tasks, responsibilities, people, vendors, venues, and more are a must to succeed.

2. Time management: Apart from being organized, proper time management skills are much needed because most events require many moving parts to function smoothly at the same time.

3. Hard work: Planning events involves long hours of hard work. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and stretch your abilities.

4. Leadership qualities & Problem-solving: Clients rely on their planner to coordinate many vendors in one place. Sometimes things go wrong and it is the planner’s job to find solutions to unexpected or uncertain problems.

5. Communication skills: Planners are constantly communicating with clients and all types of people so you must be able to communicate clearly and comfortably.

6. Style: style is what makes an event different from one another. Things like event decoration, colors, layouts, outfits, etc play a huge role in making an event successful.

Do not let this list to lose your confidence in yourself. Your good skills will make up for some of your weaknesses.
You just have to make sure that if you are weak in any of these areas, you must study it to improve yourself constantly.

The initial steps to build a career in this field will be to learn and gather as much knowledge and information as you can and get Certified. Also, choose a great mentor for yourself wisely who will help you identify your career goals and area of expertise in this field, train you throughout your journey until you gain that confidence to implement these skills in real-life practice. However, in today’s world, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd by gaining confidence and exposure in the industry and sharpening your skills constantly.

Muhurtaz Academy provides such Certified Basic to Advanced Event Management Courses & Training that combines experiential learning, practical skills & industry exposure to the Academic Learning.

In the event Planning & management industry, this totally will depend on your knowledge, experience, expertise, and other skills that are mandatory to have to plan and manage events effectively and efficiently. Your earnings will depend on the quality of your services you will provide to your clients and how much effort you put in to make the event a success so that they refer only you every time and also others about you. First, create a good Portfolio & Reputation in the market, and then you can charge for your services accordingly. So, it completely varies on your skills, the clients you have, and the projects you have undertaken.

The best Event Management Institute will be the one where you will not just be provided with the course content and a few other things which they surely promise to provide but an institute which will provide you a great mentor, who will be there for you throughout your journey and will provide you with the right kind of an environment to learn and grow your skills and goals.

This is What Muhurtaz believes in.
Our objective is to identify the interest areas of the students and help them identify their career goals in which they can gain expertise and provide them with the right kind of courses and training using personalized and professional methods.
Being a Certified Event Planner is not just enough to succeed in life in the long term you must have the appropriate skills and expertise to outshine in the industry.
If you are passionate enough to learn and gain real-life based experience in this field, choose the right kind of institute that provides you with the right mentor and environment to learn and achieve your career goals.

Our Professional Community In India by MUHURTAZ will Choose a program for you that will meet your career requirements, Get 1-on-1 counseling and mentoring sessions in your chosen field of study or interest from Mr. GOURATISH KASHYAP, The CEO And Founder of Muhurtaz, a Professional Event Planner, an Expert Trainer, Career Counsellor, PR & Wedding Consultant in the Event Management Industry.
Muhurtaz believes in providing you with an Event Management Course that will focus on you and not just the curriculum.

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We will contact you to help with any queries or doubts you might have.
Manage Your Future Today! Sign Up for a Course.
Speak to one of our friendly consultants on:
Whatsapp helpline number- 9911990949

We will contact you to help with any queries or doubts you might have.

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