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Promotion & Marketing Events Expertise Course


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Muhurtaz Academy’s Promotion & Marketing Events Expertise Certification Course will review the basics of corporate event planning, and dig into new topics about promotional events. You’ll also learn how to use event planning Tools and find inspiration from current trends in the promotional event field.
You’ll discover how to maximize the reach of your promotional events, from impromptu marketing campaigns to pop-up shops, and much more. You can begin working for marketing or event agencies, or venture into promotional events with your own business!

This Course is crafted by industry experts, it will help you upgrade your existing skills & gain expertise in it & build a professional portfolio for yourself.
This is a one-of-a-kind Affordable Online training & Certification Course with Class Assignments & Case Studies for passionate & creative planners like you.
So, Advance your Event Management & Marketing skills & build capabilities for the future & propel your business forward with Muhurtaz Academy.

Muhurtaz Promotion & Marketing Events Expertise course is ideal for you if you:

# Have relevant skills to influence other people about new products and services.
# Enjoy thinking about new and unconventional event ideas.
# Are looking for an exciting new field to explore in the event industry.
# Are thrilled by the idea of hosting impromptu live experiences.

Please Note: This advanced specialization course assumes a degree of knowledge in the corporate event planning industry. Students should have previous training in Corporate Event Planning Pro Course or Training, or relevant work experience before enrolling in this course.

By the end of the course, you will be ahead of where you were before you started with the expertise course and many other expert event planners in the industry. You will be able to start to improve and be able to promote & market your business by targetting the right audiences at the right time.

Your Promotion & Marketing Events Expert Certification!

At the end of the course, you will Receive –
– A Title of being a Member & Certified Professional of Muhurtaz Academy.
– A CERTIFICATE for your Professional Portfolio.
Be able to use the Designation of Promotion & Marketing Event Expert, Specialist, or Professional on your website, business card, contracts, and other marketing materials. Your Certification improves your credibility in the industry and will help you gain a competitive advantage over other expert planners in the industry.

Introduction to your Mentor!

HELLO, I AM GOURATISH KASHYAP, The CEO & Founder of MUHURTAZ, A Professional Event Planner, Mentor, Career Counsellor, Business Consultant, PR & Event Consultant & Wedding Expert in the Events Industry.
I will be your mentor throughout your journey of becoming an event & wedding planner. I have 9+ years of experience in this field and have mentored nearly 2000+ students & professionals in India. I have also provided my consultation services in events business marketing & promotion to my clients worldwide gaining a lot of industry exposure already.
Now, I only strive to move forward to create a revolution in the Event industry and give more great & creative event & Wedding planners to society.
Looking forward to helping you with all the challenges you are facing in your career or business.

Course Curriculum!
Complete Course & Training in 3 Units!
What you’ll learn?

Unit One: Planning
•Planning & developing a Promotional Event Concepts
•Discover the various types of promotional events
•Learn the top places where promotional event planners work
•Understand the promotional event planning process and learn about concept development

Unit Two: Marketing
•Marketing a Promotional Event
•Promotional Event Execution
•Study a variety of marketing techniques to help reach your client’s goals
•Learn how to effectively execute your promotional events on the day-of
•Know how to measure event success by setting goals
•Case Study: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Grand Opening

Unit Three: Execution
•Choosing an Event Type
•Emerging Trends for Promotional Events
•Discover new trends in the promotional events industry
•Learn how to integrate new technology and innovative features into your events
•Learn about different types of promotional events and the various scales the can take

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